About Us

We are a dedicated tea-producing group in India. Over the years we have acquired expertise in manufacturing excellent quality tea. We have established our tea gardens at some of the most excellent  locations in the country. Established on the Dooars Belt, our tea gardens enjoy suitable weather for tea to grow. Our 13 manufacturing units are spread across this belt. These units make sure to use the sustainable methods of tea production.


Being Part Of LR Group

The LR Group has been in this industry for nearly 60 years and it is recognized for producing fine quality tea. Being a part of the LR Group, we have been able to comprehend the intricacies of producing excellent quality tea. The LR Group has always been like a trailblazer in the tea industry. It eagerly extends its assistance in all the sectors starting from plantation, manufacturing, warehousing, wholesale, export, and retail packaging. The LR Group generates over 18 million kgs of tea by manufacturing a variety of tea products which includes – CTC Tea, Orthodox Tea, and Green Tea. The tea estates are ISO 22000 certified along with Trustee and Rainforest Alliance. These tea factories perfectly keep up with the standard techniques of tea production.

Apart from excellent tea factories in the Dooars Belt, Narendra Tea Company has  a state-of-the-art blending and packaging unit in the Falta Special Economic Zone which is situated near Kolkata. This ISO 22000 and GMP-Certified unit is well-equipped with the latest blending machinery. It is supplemented by various procedures for cleaning tea leaves before blending and packaging. Over the years  Narendra Tea Company has successfully established cordial tea export relations internationally with countries like Singapore, Germany, Dubai, Japan, and other CIS regions. The company aims to adhere to the requirements of their clients.


About Narendra Tea Company - Being Part Of LR Group

Chairman's Message

Narendra Tea Company - Ramabtar Berlia

Dear All,

In pursuance of my passion to create opportunities for many I, diligently, built brick by brick, the LR Group. In my philosophy there are no shortcuts to success, rather I always believe, with determination and hard work, we all can attain long-term sustainability.

I believe in shared prosperity. The kind that empowers lives, embraces innovation, helps raise resilient communities, and leaves everything better than they were found. In short, sustainable, natural, and synergistic growth for everyone and everything we touch.

Narendra Tea Company always thinks for the long term. This keeps us sharp, on top of shifting dynamics, global trends, and consumer preferences. We dedicate ourselves and our resources to understanding need gaps within the market and the community.

Wish you all would extend your co-operation in this endeavor.

Thank you!

Ramabtar Berlia

Our Mission

“With sustainable production of tea we wish to deliver tea par excellence with wholesome taste and flavor.”