Our beautiful tea gardens play a huge role in inspiring us. They are the initiator of the fine tea leaves that we get to deliver to the tea lovers. The scenic greenery that these gardens possess always makes us stare at them. Take a look at our garden visuals and experience the beauty that we get to enjoy!
  • Keeping up with hygiene and cleanliness

    The no.1 rule for our gardens and factories is to maintain absolute hygiene. We understand the concern of our clients regarding cleanliness. Hence we ensure that all our workers wear masks and gloves while working. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Therefore timely cleaning of both factories and gardens is also ensured by us. Also, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic proper sanitization in our working space has become compulsory. Moreover, we monitor the health status of our workers from time to time.

  • Encouraging more female force

    We believe that women are much more capable of what they are actually thought to be. Therefore, at Narendra Tea Company we greatly encourage women's employment. We have created a safe and sound working environment for them. Proper facilities such as washrooms, security, work timings, etc have been made so that women workers can work considerably.

  • Timely inspection of the gardens

    A timely inspection takes place to make sure proper growth of the tea gardens. Soil quality, water sprinkling, quality of the flushes, cleanliness of the tea gardens, everything is well inspected by our workers so that we can deliver the finest quality tea at your doorstep.

  • Factory maintenance

    The importance of factory maintenance must be inevitable for any company. Keeping it a priority, we make sure that all the types of equipment and machinery are checked regularly. Sometimes small glitches in factory machinery lead to bigger troubles later. Therefore, we assure you that any type of minor and major changes are not kept on hold for a prolonged period. This way workers are able to work faster without any hindrance. Also, it ensures safe working conditions for our workers. By maintaining efficient and properly running machinery we get to deliver impeccable service to our clients.

  • Friendly work environment

    Any work environment needs to be such that it can encourage the workers to work with complete dedication. This calls for a jovial and friendly work environment. At Narendra Tea Company workers get to work in a cordial and tranquil atmosphere. Each employee is treated like family and encouraged to give their best every day. Workers are expected to treat each other with empathy and cooperativeness. Any sort of conflict of interest among workers gets solved at the quickest. We encourage workers to work in unison and harmony without involving themselves in any hassle.