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Tea Factories

Equipped with the most  advanced machinery and equipment, our tea factories in the vicinity of West Bengal, India manufacture premium quality tea. These tea factories religiously maintain the standard tea processing methods. It takes special care of consistently sustaining the authentic taste of the tea leaves. These tea factories possess ample space to perform dedicated tea processing without any hindrance. 

tea factories in india - himalyan tea

Himalayan Tea

The Himalayan Tea is the flagship factory of our group and it possesses the largest CTC manufacturing capacity. Located in the heart of the small grower area of Bidhanagar,  it makes excellent tea that is capable enough to delight all tea lovers. The Himalyan Tea is one of the most sophisticated tea factories in India. It possesses efficient equipment and advanced machinery to make tea of the finest quality.

Vitco Tea

Vitco is located near Jalpaiguri town and has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. It fosters exquisite quality CTC Tea for the premium segment. With the help of efficient machinery, Vitco Tea factory produces fresh CTC Tea also known as Black Tea. The finely picked tea leaves are put through a series of cylindrical rollers that minutely chop the tea leaves with their sharp edges. This helps in distinctively tearing, crushing, and curling the tea leaves into small pellets that make fine CTC Tea. The factory has all the necessary resources to make it through a smooth tea-processing process.


tea factories in india - vitco tea
tea factories in india - farm tea

Farm Tea

Farm Tea has a niche market and its teas are much sought after by its loyal clientele. This tea factory has made a remarkable place for itself in the tea industry in India. It has created a market of its own. As this tea factory has its own market, it makes a good impression of it being systematic and committed with its tea-producing methods. This makes it possible for the tea factory to perform a fast tea-production process. The timely generation of tea production ensures the punctual delivery of tea leaves. This reflects the dedication level of this tea factory. So far we have received only good reviews about the Farm Tea. We wish to maintain the standards of tea processing which this factory has managed so far.   


Neelkanth Tea

Neelkanth has a modern factory that makes tea of standard quality. The products that come out of this factory are always looked forward to for its consistency. This tea factory is a well-known name in the tea industry in India. Its modern machinery and processing ensure the fast and smooth production of tea. Neelkanth Tea Factory is renowned for producing a variety of teas. Clients have a good impression of this tea factory. It is situated at an ideal place for tea production. Thus, it rightfully comes on the list of remarkable tea factories in India.


tea factories in india - Neelkanth Tea