Benefits of Green Tea:
Everything that you need to know

Benefits of Green Tea

A hot cup of green tea every day invites unfathomable health benefits.  The common notion about green tea is that it helps in weight loss.  But the benefits of green tea are deeper than what is assumed.

Green tea is brewed from the Camellia sinensis plant. It is a tea plant that produces other types of teas like – oolong tea, black tea, yellow tea, etc. However, the main difference that empowers green tea is its unprocessed production.  The reason why green tea possesses ‘n’ number of benefits is because it is least oxidized and fermented.  To say that it is least processed means that green tea is first heated in a frying pan and then dried so that it can restrain its innate qualities. This makes green tea a super healthy drink.

What does green tea contain?

We now know why green tea is a great health drink. Here is what enhances the health benefits of green tea;

  • Polyphenols – Green tea contains polyphenols that help in boosting brain health and digestion. It protects from cardiovascular diseases, different types of cancer, and type 2 diabetes as well. Polyphenols consist of flavonoids that largely contribute to enhancing the benefits of green tea.
  • Antioxidants – Green tea consists of plant-based antioxidants that protect the blood vessels, take care of cell growth, and prevents heart diseases also.
  • Catechin – It consists of a kind of antioxidant called Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG)which is also known as Catechin.  It is one of the most striking plant-based compounds in green tea. It posses several health benefits like protecting from cellular damage, heart diseases, inflammation in the body, etc.
  • Caffeine – Green tea has a lower caffeine content ( 2% to 4%) when compared to black tea and oolong tea. It acts as a stimulant in the brain.

These are the major ingredients that contribute largely to making green tea a very popular and beneficial drink. Although it was initially consumed in the Asian region only but in the past few years, it has become the go-to drink for many fitness enthusiasts across the world.  However, as mentioned earlier that people are mostly aware of the benefits of green tea for weight loss.  But in reality, it benefits the overall health system of the body. Let us know more about the health benefits of green tea.

1. Fights skin problems

Yes, there are benefits of green tea on the skin. It combats many skin problems like dermatitis, rosacea. Let us have a closer look at it –

  • It possesses anti-inflammatory qualities that treat acne effectively. Its antioxidant works on both oily and acne skin by reducing sebum secretion and controlling bacterial growth. This also prevents skin irritation and redness.
  • The Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) in green tea also protects the skin from skin cancer.
  • The skin benefits of green tea also include revitalizing aging skin. It makes the skin look young and fresh.
  • Due to the Vitamin E content, green tea hydrates and nourishes the skin. A study carried by the National Library of Medicine has proved that people who applied green tea on their skin noticed impressive changes with smooth and moisturized results.

2. Helps in weight loss

Not just weight loss it has many weight loss benefits that you had no idea about!  Its fat-burning compounds assist effortlessly in reducing weight by shedding off fats from the body. Let’s take a closer look;

  • Caffeine and EGCG in green tea work vehemently in boosting the metabolism system of the body.
  • The green tea compounds target fat-burning. This takes place by increasing the production of norepinephrine that enables the breakdown of fat. The fat then goes into the bloodstream which is utilized as energy.
  • Green tea by its fat-burning compound assists in improving exercise performance. In fact, it enables fat burning during rest as well as exercise. According to a study,  people who consumed green tea before a workout lost excessive fat. Eventually, it leads to reducing weight.
  • One of the most amazing benefits of green tea is that helps people to lose harmful fat in their body. Visceral fat which is also known as belly fat can jeopardize the health of people. Green tea helps in losing this detrimental abdominal fat.

3. Improves heart health

The benefits of green tea for the heart are also quite striking. In fact, a study in Japan proved that people who consumed 4-5 cups of green tea each day were found to be less prone to heart diseases.  Strokes and heart diseases are quite common heart risks but it is possible to lessen such risks by consuming green tea.  Let us understand the benefits of green tea for heart health;

  • Green tea improves the cholesterol level of the body by working on LDL (bad) cholesterol levels.
  • A major cause of heart risks is the oxidation of LDL cholesterol in the body. Green tea prevents the oxidation of LDL (bad) cholesterol by enhancing the antioxidant level in the blood.
  • It works towards preventing the clogging of the heart arteries.

4. Protects brain health

The health benefits of green tea also include protecting brain health.  It is quite effective on the neuron of the brain that reaps several benefits. Let us take a closer look at the benefits of green tea for the brain ;

  • The caffeine content of green tea improves mental alertness.
  • It also causes a relaxing effect on the brain by influencing the inhibitory neurotransmitters.
  • Green tea also affects our thinking, memory, and mood.
  • Since it acts as a stimulant it makes us feel energetic.
  • It also protects the brain from aging by forming new brain cells and connections.

Apart from these, other health benefits of green tea concentrate on curing diseases and health conditions like;

5. Prevents type 2 diabetes

Our blood sugar levels rise when we are unable to produce insulin. This is called insulin resistance or insulin sensitivity. Green tea is said to improve this situation and it also helps in lowering the high blood sugar level in a person.

6. Treating Cancer

Green tea is said to cure cancer but there is no solid proof. However, studies show that people who consumed the tea regularly were less likely to be diagnosed with cancer. Green tea can help in treating skin, lung, prostate, bladder, throat, bowel, stomach, breast, and ovarian cancer as well.

7. Treating bad breath

The catechins in green tea prevent the production of any kind of infection in the mouth. This improves oral health by inhibiting oral problems like bad breath, tooth decay, and cavities.

8. Protects from bone loss

Osteoporosis is a medical condition in which the bones become weak.  Green tea combats such problems by initiating mineralization in the bones. This builds up the bones making them strong again.

Researchers and scientists continue to discover more health benefits of green tea leaves. Certain health conditions like cancer, diabetes, brain health, etc., require more imperative evidence that can blatantly prove their benefits.

FAQ on Green Tea

The effects of green tea on our health are significantly many. So much so that we confuse ourselves with the basic idea of utilizing green tea leaves. Below we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions related to green tea leaves;

1. How much green tea should be consumed every day?

A decent consumption of 3 – 5 cups of green tea each day goes a long way in improving your health.

2. When should you consume green tea?

It is recommended to consume green tea in the morning or before exercise. Drinking green tea in between meals can prevent the absorption of minerals and iron. Also, it can disturb your sleep if you consume it before bed due to its caffeine content.

3. Can you consume green tea on empty stomach?

Tannins in green tea can escalate the amount of acid in the stomach. This can cause stomach ache, nausea or constipation, etc.

4. What can you add to green tea?

While consuming green tea, one can add lemon juices or slices to avoid the bitter taste of the tea. You can also add raw sugar, honey, and even spices to it.

Side Effects of green tea

Consuming excessive green tea can lead to certain side effects. In such situations, it is always better to cut down the amount of green tea that you usually consume.  Here are certain side effects of green tea:

  1. Stomach Irritation – Excessive intake of green tea can irritate the stomach and also lead to nausea and constipation.
  2. Headaches – Caffeine in green tea can cause headaches in people who experience caffeine sensitivity.
  3. Lack of sleep – Caffeine in green tea also causes a lack of sleep.
  4. Dizziness – Consuming an excessive amount of green tea can cause you to feel dizzy and jittery as well.

Bottom Line

Green tea contains a great bundle of health benefits. It does have a few side effects but they can be controlled if we consume a moderate amount of green tea. However, the benefits of green tea overpower the side effects of it but there is no harm in consuming it in a way in which it can only reap healthy results.