Different Ways Of Pairing Tea with Chocolate

Different Ways to Pair Tea with Chocolate

We know chocolate is a guilty pleasure for many. But have you ever thought its less known yet wonderful pair up with tea? Let’s start from the basics!

At times, experimenting with food can be slightly apprehensive. You keep anticipating how well the dish has turned out until you taste it. People try to pair up different types of food items together in almost every corner of the world. Among those, the combination between tea and chocolate is pure magic. The sharp aromatic tea followed by the delicious chocolate – the moment they enter the mouth, they simply melt. Wow!

The art of pairing chocolate with tea dates back to the time when tea had evolved as a comforting drink in different corners of the world. In addition to it, chocolate had been introduced in 1847. It was during this time that people started blending both the items together. Tea and chocolate are famous for their medicinal values and comforting taste. At one time both chocolate and tea were consumed as two different beverages. Especially, in many European countries, tea is commonly served with chocolate other than cookies or cupcakes. The idea behind serving tea with chocolate is to cut the bitterness of tea and maintain its refreshing taste along with forming an alluring sweetness on the taste buds.

You might have mastered in mixing different types of food items together. But pairing chocolate with tea involves an interesting partnership of science and creativity. However, regardless of how dedicatedly you pair the two, it will all come down to the taste.

How to enjoy tea with chocolate?

Enjoying tea with chocolate introduces your mouth to earthy and fruity flavors. Moreover, there is a drill that allows you to relish the two items more luxuriously. Yes, nibbling chocolate along with tea has a particular way that will enhance the flavors that form in your mouth. Also, if you want to give your guests a more sumptuous experience then cut the chocolate into three to four small pieces for each of your guests. Take a look at the steps given below:

  1. At first, take a small bite of chocolate. Allow it to melt entirely all over your taste buds. This will prepare your tongue to enjoy the tea flavor that you are going to sip in.
  2. Drink some tea and feel it in every taste bud. This allows the aromatic tea to finely blend with the after taste of cocoa and form a subtle taste in the mouth.
  3. Then, take another bite of the chocolate. This enhances the taste of both tea and chocolate in the mouth.

Things to note before pairing tea with chocolate

The best part about pairing chocolate with tea is that both of them beautifully blend with each other. Tea drinkers who look forward to trying different tea and chocolate combinations indicate their love for discovering new flavors. However, before you pair tea with chocolate you must keep in mind a few details. These pointers are essential so that you can enjoy the quality taste of tea and chocolate. Here’s what to watch out for:

1. Chocolate Quality: The quality of the chocolate matters a lot when pairing it with tea. Good quality chocolate is an outcome of cocoa beans cultivated in favorable conditions. Soil, altitude, and climate hugely affect the growing of cocoa beans. Moreover, skilled handling of the beans equally matters in the cultivation of good quality chocolate.

2. Choice of tea leaves: Pairing tea with chocolate is performed with the intention to enjoy the taste of both simultaneously. Scented teas might overshadow the overtone of chocolate. Therefore, it is advised to select teas that are less scented and processed more naturally. It allows the consumer to relish both. However, to discover the unexplored taste, one can try to pair up chocolate with scented tea.

3. The pairing: Chocolate and tea pairing could be performed to complement each other. The same could also be done to either contrast or enhance the taste. Everything depends on the pairing. For example, dark chocolate can perfectly compliment strong black tea. Creamy milk chocolate makes a perfect contrasting combination with spicy black tea. A fruity chocolate tea can enhance the flavor of the aromatic tea.

Undoubtedly, chocolate and tea pairing can be a little startling and a lot more experimental. However, the pairing trial can be delicious if you mind the important steps explained above.

Understanding Tea and Chocolate Pairing

There are many heavenly and flavorsome ways of pairing tea with chocolate. Here, we have researched some of the excellent combinations of chocolate and tea flavors. Try them out to come out of the monotonous ways tea consumption:

Milk Chocolate combination with Teas

1. Pairing milk chocolate with Earl Grey Tea

Milk chocolate is a very subtle form of chocolate. It is moderately sweet, creamy, and has a dash of cocoa powder. The fruity taste of the earl grey tea will perfectly compliment milk chocolate. Moreover, this pair-up will taste more gratifying if Earl Grey Tea is prepared without milk.

2. Pairing milk chocolate with Masala Chai

The Indian masala chai is like a burst of spicy flavors in the mouth. It is an excellent pair-up with milk chocolate. The sharp spiciness left behind by the masala chai is suitably cut by the creamy and sweet milk chocolate. It’s a great contrasting pair!

3. Pairing milk chocolate with Green Tea

This might not be the most exciting pair-up. However, this has also turned out to be a favorite contrasting pair-up for many tea and chocolate lovers. The earthy and vegetal taste of the green tea is beautifully covered up by milk chocolate.

Dark Chocolate combination with Teas

1. Pairing dark chocolate with Pu’erh Tea

Pu’erh tea is a heavenly blend of mild sweetness and great earthiness. It is devoid of any sort of bitterness too. However, dark chocolate has caffeine content and is slightly bitter. Both these items match perfectly as the chocolate compliments the tea well.

2. Pairing dark chocolate with mint tea

Dark chocolate is known to be served with teas that are smoky in taste. Mint tea is refreshing and sweet. It is great for balancing the bitterness of dark chocolate.

3. Pairing dark chocolate with Ceylon Black Tea

Ceylon black tea is light, fresh, and floral in taste. It complements the bitter taste of dark chocolate. Also, nutty dark chocolate would enhance the taste of the entire pair up.

White Chocolate combination with Teas

1. Pairing white chocolate with Jasmine Green Tea

The Jasmine Green Tea is a fine blend of the aromatic strong taste. The white chocolate is purely made of milk and no cocoa powder. This separates white chocolate from the other two types of chocolate. Moreover, it is perfect for enhancing the aromatic Jasmine Green Tea.

2. Pairing white chocolate with Hojicha

Hojicha is a Japanese form of green tea. It is roasted in porcelain and contains a bitter taste. Thus, a creamy, rich, and sweet white chocolate is great to serve with Hojicha.

3. Pairing white tea with Tisane tea

Tisane tea is a form of herbal tea. It is quite flavorful as it is made from dried petals and leaves. It has a fruity taste which is even more enhanced when served with milky white chocolate.


“Tea is always a good idea”. There is no match or comparison reason with the creativity which can be performed with tea. It is a great stress-buster and also a way to bond with others for many. On the other hand, chocolate has our heart. And the idea of combining the two is mind-blowing. So try these combinations given above and let us know your experience!